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On-Demand Delivery Apps Outstanding Performance in..

On-demand delivery apps have exceeded in performance in 2020. The financial statements and the figures say that the delivery business has attained new heights of success this year. The delivery busine..

January 29, 2021
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3 Ways to Meet the Expectations of your Grocery Sh..

Grocery shopping is an everyday thing. There is a huge demand for this business given every family needs to buy groceries for their day to day nutritional requirements. With this increasing demand gro..

August 22, 2019
Posted By Amrita Jaswal
5 Effective Tips to Innovate your Digital Grocery ..

Mobile apps account for nearly half of the global internet traffic and will continue to grow rapidly. They are an important channel for businesses to communicate with customers. Millennials specifical..

August 16, 2019
Posted By Reema Jindal
Enhance in-store Customer Experience with a Grocer..

Direct to Consumer brands like Zappos and Warby Parker opening their physical stores reiterates the fact that touching, feeling and having a personal experience of using visiting the store has still n..

July 26, 2019
Posted By Reema Jindal
Ultimate Tips to Boost Sales of Your Grocery Store

Growing your sales is the primary goal of every business, whether large or small. If you have an online grocery store or you are looking to get a mobile app build, you should use efficient strategies ..

June 22, 2019
Posted By Reema Jindal
Loyalty Program: Ensuring Repeat Orders and Retent..

To maintain a clear cut difference between the old regular customers and the new ones it becomes necessary to introduce some loyalty programs and rewarding policies for them. Without these programs sh..

August 24, 2016
Posted By Brian Merrick
Grocers App Checklist – What Features To Be ..

Those days are gone when we used to note down the grocery items on a paper slip before actually going out to purchase the same. The invention of the smartphones and the compatible applications has mad..

August 24, 2016
Posted By Brian Merrick