Optimized Instacart Clone App for Grocery Delivery Business – The Current Scenario!

COVID-19 is severe; the impact can be seen in different businesses. After being severely defeated by the coronavirus pandemic, the businesses have started grasping at straws. 

A drastic change in sales, profits, and the audience has been witnessed since this pandemic has happened. 

But this differs for different businesses. The coronavirus phase has, however, diminished the profits and growth of many businesses, but the demand for this business has risen enormously. 

One such industry is ‘ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY.’

This industry has grown tremendously during this phase, and why not when the world was inside the home, all they could have relied on online grocery delivery services for their essentials. 

online grocery stats

Source: Google Trends

Did you see that peak? It was the time when COVID-19 hit the world. Of course, the trend diminished after that, but then it has remained constant. 

Why the trend of online grocery shopping arose is because of the sudden demand. Social distancing has come into the scene – along with masks, gloves, sanitization, and whatnot. 

The world prefers getting stuff delivered at home rather than visiting the stores to shop. 

The anxiety of getting affected by this fatal virus is high – and that ended up being a good sign for grocery stores – especially those who already had built the online reputation of their businesses. 

The online grocery delivery business now has accelerated sales, a higher number of customers, and better revenue.

Why is an Optimized Instacart Clone App Vital for Grocery Delivery Business?

For this, we need to comprehend ourselves with Instacart. 

What is Instacart?

An American company that functions as grocery delivery and pick-up service in Canada and the United States. They utilize a mobile app and a website to supply their services, allowing people or their patrons to order groceries from the seller seamlessly. 

Why Does Your Online Grocery Delivery Business Need Instacart Clone App?

Instacart is a reasonable platform to launch your online grocery platform. It builds a successful grocery delivery business online, without much hassle. 

That’s all?

No, this is just the beginning of how an optimized Instacart clone app serves amazingly your online grocery delivery business. 

Benefits of Using Optimized Instacart Clone App for Your Grocery Delivery Business

While the demand for online grocery stores has accelerated like anything, you have the chance to launch your own branded app like Instacart clone that incorporates grocery solutions, supporting every business type. 

Of course, you might have a huge setup or might just have stepped into the world of online grocery delivery business – the size doesn’t really matter. 

You can utilize it for your single grocery shop, grocery marketplaces, and even store chains. Quality matters. And, that relies on how well you pick your development team. 

This is How your GROCERY DELIVERY BUSINESS will get on Track with Instacart Clone App!

Here are the main characteristics that will get your grocery delivery business going on track using the Instacart clone app: 

User App

  1. Easy onboarding
  2. Quick Search
  3. Live Tracking 
  4. Browse Products
  5. Secured Payments
  6. Order History
  7. SOS
  8. Scheduling 
  9. Multiple Payment Options
  10. Real-Time ETA
  11. Offers and Promos
  12. Cart
  13. Mobile verification

Store Managers App

  1. Dispatch Orders
  2. Order Notifications
  3. Store Pickup
  4. Manage Inventory

Delivery Agent App

  1. Rate Customers
  2. Easy Navigation
  3. Accept/Reject Orders
  4. SOS
  5. Earnings
  6. Contact Riders 
  7. Order Status
  8. Order Information

Admin Web Panel 

  1. Easy Category Management 
  2. Manage Dispatchers
  3. Reporting and Analytics
  4. Manage Driver Schedule
  5. Manage Customers
  6. Track Drivers

Additional Features

  1. Refund management 
  2. Order for others
  3. SMS Alerts
  4. Web app
  5. Geofencing
  6. Number Masking
  7. In-app chat
  8. Team Management 
  9. Calendar Integration

What TECHNOLOGY STACK does Instacart Clone App Utilizes?

The technology stack includes the following technologies for building an optimized Instacart Clone app for your grocery delivery business online. 

Android App

  1. Programming languages – Kotlin, Java for Android
  2. IDE – Android Studio, Eclipse
  3. Technologies – Android NDK, Android SDK
  4. OS – Marshmallow, Android Lollipop
  5. Testing/Debugging – Testlabs, Emulator
  6. Database Engine – Active Android, SQLite
  7. Design – Sketch, Photoshop

iOS App

  1. Programming languages – Objective C, Swift
  2. IDE – XCode
  3. Technologies – iOS Native Dev Kit, iOS SDK
  4. OS – iOS 8.0 -11.5
  5. Testing/Debugging – Testlabs, Emulator
  6. Database Engine – Core Data, SQLite
  7. Design – Sketch, Photoshop

Hybrid App

  1. Programming languages – JavaScript
  2. IDE – Atom, Bracket, Sublime Text, Visual Studio
  3. Technologies – React Native 
  4. OS – Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo (Up to 8.1), iOS 8.0 to 11.5
  5. Testing/Debugging – Google Chrome Debugger, Emulator
  6. Database Engine – Core Data, SQLite
  7. Design – Sketch, Photoshop

Admin Panel

  1. Programming languages – JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Swift
  2. IDE – Atom, Bracket, Sublime Text, Visual Studio
  3. Technologies – ReactNative, ReactJS, NodeJS  
  4. OS – XCode Swift (iOS)
  5. Testing/Debugging – Manual
  6. Database Engine and Videos – Mongo DB, My SQL, MS SQL
  7. Design – HTML, AngularJS

Benefits of OPTIMIZED Instacart Clone App for Grocery Delivery Business?

instacart clon app - grocersapp

Well, there are a few, which your online grocery delivery business will surely adore. Let’s explore more:

Unlimited Stores Listings Available

Investing in a good app development company always results in fruitful businesses. The foremost benefit that you are going to experience with a quality Instacart Clone app is that it will end up giving you access to unlimited stores under the Instacart clone script. The code has no limit for listing the maximum number of stores. Hence, a bigger market to reach. 

Incessant Support 

Hired an experienced team of developers for building your Instacart clone app? Well, then you can get never-ending support / 24 hours support – irrespective of the urgency of the query or the concern. 

Brand Identity Online

With an optimized Instacart clone app for your online grocery delivery business, you can build a good brand identity online. Well, the advantage of good brand identity online is the bigger network of customers – implying better business. Hence, your purpose in setting up your grocery delivery business is resolved. 

Effective Grocery Delivery Business Solution

Another benefit of an optimized Instacart clone app for your online grocery delivery business is enjoying effective business solutions. In simple words, you will be able to run your grocery delivery business online effectively, without any interruption. 

Robust and Highly Scalable 

Optimized Instacart clone app results in building a better, robust, and highly scalable grocery delivery business – that will eventually result in amplifying the maximum number of users to your grocery delivery business. Again, picking the best development team does matter. 

Quickest Marketing Solutions

The base solution is ready for developing your Instacart clone app for the grocery delivery business. Since minimum alterations are required along with zilch coding and customizations, you can expect your grocery solutions in the quickest time possible. 

Why Your Grocery Delivery Business Needs an Online Platform?

Well, there are some obvious reasons like better growth and sales of your grocery delivery business. But there are a few other reasons to do so, and this is why:

  1. Customers can get easy access to groceries, without any hassle. That’s the foremost demand of any customer to easily get groceries at the comfort of their homes. So, the first reason why you need an online platform for your grocery delivery business is that your customers want it. 
  2. Better brand visibility is yet another reason why your grocery delivery business requires an online platform. Everyone expects quick success nowadays. So, why would any entrepreneur lose such an opportunity to grow your grocery delivery business online?  Hence, another need of building an online grocery delivery business platform is to build a better business reputation and visibility. 
  3. Who doesn’t love to see high revenue coming in? Your own Instacart clone app for grocery delivery business is a must-have for better business, more customers, and higher revenue. Since better brand visibility is maintained with your online platform, it is easier to build a network of maximum customers for improved revenue. 
  4. Offer paramount safety to the customers via your online grocery platform. Well, the customers would barely need to visit the store, and that’s the best part of your online grocery delivery business platform. Your highly optimized Instacart clone app for grocery delivery business offers complete safety measures to your customers. They really appreciate it when they get all groceries at their homes, with just a few clicks. Hence, improved customer satisfaction and utmost safety. 
  5. Who would like to wait for hours standing in the queue at the grocery stores? The demands of customers have changed with time and the current scenario that yearns for social distancing. Besides, no one loves the pain of carrying those hefty shopping baskets. Rely on the Instacart clone app for getting your grocery delivery business on track, without needing your customers to visit your store. So, for your customer’s utmost comfort, you need an online grocery platform. 
  6. Your patrons must have apt knowledge and information regarding the products available and unavailable in your grocery stores. In case, you don’t rely on any Instacart clone app for your grocery delivery business, it would be a long and tiring process for your customers to know the exact status of the grocery products. So, allow them to save time and effort in finding out the availability/unavailability of the products. 

Any COVID-19 Additions for Instacart Clone App? The Essentials

Of course, there are some additions that you can get while developing your Instacart clone app for your online grocery delivery business. 

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

You can have this special section, allowing your customers to learn and get educated about how to disinfect the high-touch surfaces, including packages and handle covers of the grocery orders. This information can help your customers get educated about the utmost safety during the current scenario. 

Contactless Delivery Options 

Instacart clone app for your grocery delivery business will let you assist your customers via contactless delivery. How? It’s simple! Delivery agents will drop off the grocery orders at the gate of the customers. There is no need to come in contact with the grocery customers for receiving groceries. 

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Safest Delivery

Your Instacart clone app for getting grocery delivery business on track must have selfie screening options available. That has become the need of an hour, though. This feature allows delivery agents to log in to the app, accept orders, reject orders, or operate the app, only after they have confirmed that they have masks and gloves on. The agents can simply upload their selfies to do so. 

Restricting Cash on Delivery

Make your grocery shoppers feel super safe by restricting the COD option. Customers are hesitating to exchange hard cash these days, it is better to restrict COD so that you are disabling or eliminating the spread of this deadly disease via money exchange. Besides, you have multiple other payment options, so there is no chance that your business or sales will be hampered. 

Feedback Section

Your Instacart clone app for grocery delivery business must have a separate section for customer’s feedback regarding your safety ratings and reviews. Your patrons must give proper feedback about your grocery delivery business and services, especially during this pandemic scenario. 

The Takeaway Message

This coronavirus pandemic is pretty severe. All grocery shoppers need to shop from the comfort of their homes. Being a grocery delivery business owner, you need to rely on the Instacart clone app for your online grocery business.

Considering the current scenario, it is significant to get one for your grocery delivery business. Hence, to get your online grocery delivery business on track, hire a development team for developing the Instacart clone app now.