How can you Make your Online Grocery Shopping App Stand Out?

In this fast-paced world, agree or not apps are life savers. Take Online Grocery Shopping App for example. They are major time savers. They connect customers with grocery stores 24/7. You don’t have to visit a grocery store, handpick the items, wait in long cumbersome queues and carry the grocery to home. Just a simple app, choose your products, add them to your cart and boom. The next day or that very day they’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

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This Grocery Mobile App Development has become big business. It’s a bubble where thousands of vendors are competing to make their masterpiece app stand out. Now, in this cut-throat competition how do you let your app stand out? What features do you think will enhance your app in such a way that all people get driven to your app?

Let’s walk you through some advanced features and functionalities that can make your Online Grocery Shopping App stand out.

  • Sharing your cart and Shopping List 

Now both of these features are a major hit. Cart sharing gives you the flexibility of sharing your cart with friends and family. With this, there will be a major reduction in cart abandonment.

Another great feature is the Shopping List feature. Remember the old school times. How did our mothers jot down every grocery item that was finished and then carries that list to the shop and buys it? With a shopping list feature in the app, people can keep making notes on what is getting finished in the app itself and order accordingly.

This list should be so dynamic that if you share it with friends and family they can also make their modifications and changes. Needless to say, it’s very important that friends and family get notifications when anyone edits the list. That way everyone can remain in sync.

  • Auto-Suggest Search 

Now this saves time as you don’t have to manually go in every time and choose the product that you wish to buy. Auto-Suggest will give you the product and category automatically when you type the first few letters of the items that you wish to buy.

  • Item Comparison List

Now, people tend to do some research before they buy any item. They look for price variants, quality variants and also things like whether the grocery items are organic or not. If you have a product comparison feature in place people don’t have to exit the app and search the web for their research and comparison. They can easily navigate and search for everything on the app itself.

  • Social Login

This one goes without saying. No one has the time to go through the cumbersome process of signing up and then remembering the user ID and Password. There should be easy login through social media like Facebook and Gmail as they are the more popular platforms that are used. Always remember that convenience is the key feature when you develop an app.

  • Adding money saved feature when users generate their grocery list 

Now, who doesn’t like to save a few bucks here and there? Once the users generate their grocery list they should have the feature of seeing how much money they can save if they handpick XYZ items vs ABC items from the app. This can help the end user to make an informed choice about which items to buy and how to make grocery shopping more budget friendly.

  • Add Voice Recognition Feature in your online grocery shopping app

In this world of Alexa and Siri, voice recognition and interpretation have become the need of the hour. People don’t even wish to type anything for their day to day requirements. With this feature, your app will become a masterpiece. Needless to say, you need to entail additional costs to get this feature on board.

  • Flexi Categories 

Now, this is a part of app personalization. Not always would you like to comply with the categories that the online grocery shopping app mobile app provides you? You might want to group items into your user-defined categories. It not only gives you ease to customize but also, gives you the feeling of that personal touch while using the app.

  • Smart List based on previous purchases

This feature can be an additional step towards hassle-free shopping. Generally, we tend to repeat our purchases. Same old milk, bread, and veggies. The app should have a feature to make a smart list for the user based on their past purchases and let them know if any of those products are at discounted rates. This can help people save some more time and be repeat users of your app.

  • Rebate based on purchases

This is a very interesting feature. Given people are becoming so fitness conscious these days, it’s very important that your app can reward people for being healthy. Now, this can be in the form of giving them points when they order something healthy from the app. These points can later be used to make future purchases. This feature ensures two great things – Healthy living and repeats purchases from your app.

  • Built-in recipe books

This one is another exceptional feature. Now what you have to do is to have some built-in recipes in the app. The user can click on that recipe and get the ingredients list on that as well. All items will be automatically added to your cart, with allowed modifications. So next time when you’re looking to create that juicy mac and cheeseburger, just go to the app select the recipe and order all the ingredients together.

This feature will also increase the time that users will spend on the app. You can also add the feature of sharing the recipes with your friends and family. It is also advisable to give the calorie count for every dish. This makes sure that the health of your shoppers is always taken into account. 

Now that we have given you these unconventional ideas, what are you waiting for? Contact GrocersApp and get your online grocery shopping app built as per your needs.

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