Loyalty Program: Ensuring Repeat Orders and Retention to Your Grocery Store

To maintain a clear cut difference between the old regular customers and the new ones it becomes necessary to introduce some loyalty programs and rewarding policies for them. Without these programs shopping, any grocery item from the store would just be a formality and it won’t attract or excite the customers in any way. So, it is necessary to identify, reward and keep the top users of the application. Losing onto this can take away the most reliable and engaging customers from you and no one wants this. Only spending a few bucks can save your precious traffic and the user-base.

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Today stores like Starbucks, Sephora, Century 21, Safeway and others offer certain loyalty programs to reward and retain their regular customers with themselves and this is one of the reasons that that why they have a huge user-base and high sale statistics. A lot of firms provide this service of introducing loyalty programs to your grocery app, one being named as” KickBack Rewards Systems”. So, you can simply pay them a few bucks to introduce certain loyalty programs in your application as well. More creative your way of rewarding more will be the engaged traffic for your application. These not only include the ways to keep back the old customers but also to score some new ones.

Loyalty programs may include the following aspects:

1. Rewarding points on each sale

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This can be a major key point to take your sales through phases of success. Rewards always attract users no matter if they are on an eCommerce site or any other sales store. Timely rewards help in retaining the consumer’s interest in shopping regularly. Rewards moreover can be categorized into 2 or more segments like Different rewards for top clients and some for average switching customers as well. This does not give a feeling of alienation to the newcomers or so. So this can be a loyalty program for enhancing sales.


2. Cashback coupons

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There are several grocery stores where cashback coupons are given as a reward for timely purchases. These coupons other than purchase in the same grocery store also provide the facility to get cashback on shopping products on other similar or completely different stores. So for retaining loyal client’s heavy cashback coupons can be given after regular planned intervals.

3. Reward Cards
Some grocery stores like Safeway provide their loyal clients the Reward Card which on using each time during checkouts adds up certain points in the user’s account for each dollar spent. This card can thereafter be used in filling stations or some other fixed tied-up stores. So this facility can save money which we pay while using other similar services.

reward cards

Apart from all this, there can be a lot of deals and discounts that can be offered to the store’s regular clients. “Combo discounts” and “Buy 1 Get 1 free” offers can be assigned to some specific regular users on a personal basis. This not only can hold back the old consumers but more referrals to similar other clients can take these stores to a wider fan base. So every such site must have certain specific loyalty programs for its clients to ensure repetitive orders and easy retention of the clients.

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