How On-demand Grocery Apps Are Transforming the Traditional Shopping Experience?

How On-demand Grocery Apps Are Transforming the Traditional Shopping_ - GrocersApp

Did someone say S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G? Who doesn’t love shopping? It is the favorite activity of most people. But you know which type of shopping is boring? G-R-O-C-E-R-Y S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! 

It is the most tedious job! As you have to go to the supermarket, find and pick up the product. Not only this, then stand in a long queue to pay for the stuff and then carry them home. 

It sounds too tiring! Doesn’t it? Few people may love it, but many don’t like going grocery shopping. 

In this situation, online grocery delivery services and apps came to the rescue. They have taken the whole grocery shopping experience to another level.  According to CNBC, by 2025, online grocery sales will catch hold 20% of the market. But, the question is;

How on-demand grocery apps are changing traditional Shopping?

A few years back, ‘let’s go grocery shopping’ was all about wandering across a few grocery stores or supermarkets in the neighborhood, and it was very time-consuming.

However, the grocery market is going through digitalization, and demand is offering the latest technologies and customer care services.

On-demand grocery apps have transformed the traditional shopping experience as more and more people are opting for the digital medium. It comes with many benefits, and everyone wants to avoid the hassle it takes to visit the store.

Benefits of shopping groceries online:

Most people are busy with the hectic work schedule and don’t have time to go grocery shopping. Online customers can experience amazing prices and a hassle-free experience whenever they order groceries online.

If you feel the same way then you have to discover the magic of online grocery shopping, it comes with some great benefits:

1. Compare prices easily: Comparing prices offline is tricky as you can’t go on comparing the cost of every product. Also, comparing the price requires a lot of effort, and running from one corner to the other. Fortunately, which is not the case when you order online.

You open the app and search for the product, and instantly you will see a lot of offers with the best prices will appear. You can select the item according to your preference and order it.

2. You get to read the reviews: When you go for offline shopping, you are unsure of the quality of the product. Also, there are no reviews about the product you are buying. So, there are high chances that the product may disappoint you.

On the other hand, while you purchase the product online, you get to read about the description of the food along with reviews. On-demand grocery apps allow you to make a better choice for yourself.

3. You can maintain your budget: If your planned budget is $20 and you have over-shopped by $5, you can easily cut the items until you checkout and pay. But the case is not the same when you are standing at the counter of a supermarket, as you can’t go back and put things back after the billing.

During online shopping, you can quickly check the balance as you shop. You can easily cut off the unnecessary products or opt for a cheaper version of the same product. As all it takes is a swipe to cut off the virtual items without doing all the mental math.

4. Bulk buying becomes easy: Buying in bulk is a fantastic way to cut down your grocery cost. Online shopping for home delivery makes bulk buying comparatively easier. You will love the fact that your grocery is delivered right to your doorstep.

5. Reduces the chances of unnecessary buys: While you are shopping in a supermarket, you tend to shop for additional products that you don’t need or may not use for many months.

You probably make these kinds of decisions while you are tired or frustrated or find something beautiful.

Online grocery ordering keeps you aware of your choices as before checkout, and you verify the reviews of the products selected.

6. Grocery shopping app comes with subscription option: Online grocery shopping apps allow you to go for the subscription option. For example, there is a product that you need every month or every three months.

You may forget ordering it due to work or any other reason, but with the subscription option, you will get it delivered after the particular period.

7. Avoid the queue: Grocery shopping online gives you the liberty of home delivery, giving you the pleasure of shopping from the comfort of your place. There is no need to stand in queues. This means you have so much time to do other things.

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How to create an on-demand grocery app?

Are you a grocery store owner who wants to create a grocery shopping app? If so, we have got something for you!

These days everybody has grocery shopping and delivery apps installed like Grofers and Big Basket. There is a prominent future for a grocery mobile app because more and more people are moving towards online shopping.

All you need to do is find the best mobile app development company that offers the best services. Also, it is easy to evaluate the cost as it depends upon the targeted audience, the region where the app is going to develop, and the complexity of the app.

Creating an online grocery shopping app is not rocket science. You can create grocery apps that are specific to a supermarket or grocery store delivery app. The choice is all yours!

Must-have features for your on-demand grocery app:

There are various features that a grocery shopping app should have. Here is the list: 

1. Authentic Appeal: Make sure your app offers a genuine appeal to your customers. You should pay heed to the following considerations:

  • Proper categorization of products, to make browsing easy.
  • It must illustrate 3D images of the original product. 
  • It must add the selected products to the virtual shopping cart.
  • It must have descriptions and reviews of the products. 
  • Various payment gateways should be integrated. 

2. Digital offers: Who doesn’t appreciate discounts and special offers? Everyone, right?

So why not use the customer’s desire to use these exclusive coupons and discounts? Implement special offers on your grocery app and let your customers avail of them.

3. Personalize customer experience: Customers love to return to the apps that have their favorite products and brands. Therefore, you can save their precious time by letting them add their favorite product under the wishlist category. 

Later, you can use AI to analyze their history and offer a recommendation. This type of personal advice helps to grow your business.

4. Push notifications: To keep them updated, you should send them to push notifications now and then. It keeps the customers informed about special offers, cash backs, discounts and many more. 

5. Multi-lingual facility: If you want your app to be recognized globally by customers, then you must support the multi-lingual support as it will be profitable.

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If you are reading this, we assume that you are willing to create your online grocery shopping app? If this is the case, then you must not wait! 

Every day the number of customers is looking forward to using the online services of their favorite store, thus creating a grocery mobile app appears to be a great approach. As an experienced app development company, we would love to help you out! Get in touch with us at